The Course

Located on the eastern edge of Paisley, Ralston Golf Club was established in 1904 and the course is by now one of mature parkland. It is laid out on and around one of the many drumlins which are scattered across the area.

These are hills created by retreating ice sheets at the end of the last ice age, roughly oval in plan and typically a few hundred yards long. Many courses in the area are built on such features providing them with an interesting and undulating topography.

This is true at Ralston where some very enjoyable driving holes have been created by using the natural contours.

The 2nd and 18th holes are prime examples. Further benefits derived from the course's situation are the fine views from points around the course, taking in Leverndale's imposing tower also on a drumlin to the southwest, the townscape of Paisley to the west, the Kilpatrick Hills to the north with the southwestern Highlands beyond and, to the northeast, Glasgow and the Campsie Hills. An attractive setting which only adds to the pleasure of playing this fine venue.
Hole by Hole Guide by Alex Miller
Photo Gallery by Alex Miller
Sit back and enjoy our slideshow below that takes you on a tour of our beautiful course. Use the arrows in the top right corner of the images to flick through at your leisure. Photos kindly supplied by Alex Miller.
  • H1 Tee

    H1 Tee

  • H1 Mid

    H1 Mid

  • H1 Green

    H1 Green

  • H2 Tee

    H2 Tee

  • H2 Mid

    H2 Mid

  • H3 Tee

    H3 Tee

  • H3 Mid1

    H3 Mid1

  • H3 Mid2

    H3 Mid2

  • H3 Green

    H3 Green

  • H4 Tee

    H4 Tee

  • H4 Mid

    H4 Mid

  • H4 Green

    H4 Green

  • H5 Tee

    H5 Tee

  • H5 Mid

    H5 Mid

  • H5 Green

    H5 Green

  • H6 Tee

    H6 Tee

  • H6 Mid

    H6 Mid

  • H6 Green

    H6 Green

  • H7 Tee

    H7 Tee

  • H7 Green

    H7 Green

  • H8 Tee

    H8 Tee

  • H8 Mid

    H8 Mid

  • H8 Green

    H8 Green

  • H9 Tee

    H9 Tee

  • H9 Mid

    H9 Mid

  • H9 Green

    H9 Green

  • H10 Tee

    H10 Tee

  • H10 Green

    H10 Green

  • H10 Mid

    H10 Mid

  • H11 Tee

    H11 Tee

  • H11 Mid

    H11 Mid

  • H11 Green

    H11 Green

  • H12 Tee

    H12 Tee

  • H12 Mid

    H12 Mid

  • H12 Green

    H12 Green

  • H13 Tee

    H13 Tee

  • H13 Green

    H13 Green

  • H14 Tee

    H14 Tee

  • H14 Mid

    H14 Mid

  • H14 Green

    H14 Green

  • H15 Tee

    H15 Tee

  • H15 Mid1

    H15 Mid1

  • H15 Mid2

    H15 Mid2

  • H15 Green

    H15 Green

  • H16 Tee

    H16 Tee

  • H16 Mid1

    H16 Mid1

  • H16 Mid2

    H16 Mid2

  • H16 Green

    H16 Green

  • H17 Tee

    H17 Tee

  • H17 Mid

    H17 Mid

  • H17 Green

    H17 Green

  • H18 Tee

    H18 Tee

  • H18 Mid

    H18 Mid

  • H18 Green

    H18 Green