Custom Fitting Sessions

Book now for a step by step custom fitting session with Colin Munro your P.G.A. golf professional.
We have a fully equipped Mizuno Fitting Cart at the shop. Here is an example of how it works;

Step 1 - Game Assessment

No one knows your game like your golf professional. An expert's eye will soon be able to spot if your equipment is hindering rather than helping your game.

Step 2 - Shaft Length

Very few players are actually suited to standard length shafts, yet most of us struggle round with clubs that are either too long or too short.

Step 3 - Grip Thickness

You could be slicing the ball because your grips are too thick - or you could be hooking the ball because your grips are too thin.

Step 4 - Strike Analysis

Using a special mat, plus tape attached to your clubs' face and sole, the pro can determine precisely whether your irons are correctly set up for you.

Step 5 - Shaft Type

Many average players would actually benefit from graphite shafts in their irons as well as their woods. So be sure you have the right type and flex of shaft in your clubs.

Step 6 - Final Analysis

With the right clubs, you and your pro will clearly be able to see the results You will strike the ball better, more consistently and your shots will fly longer and straighter.